Toothless My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!
Lin SuCi transmigrated into a book, and became a kitten who had just cultivated into becoming human. When he was still young, he was picked up by a good man to be become his apprentice, but he did not expect his master to let his senior — the number one villain in the book — raise him? This villain senior was too scary, when he had nothing to do he would put him on a plate and stare at him. Let’s not mention cuddling, embracing, stroking and pinching him all day long, he even had a hundred
LorOne I'm Only Level 1
Kurusu and his schoolmates are summoned into another world when a self proclaimed Goddess shows up in his class and tells them that they are needed to defeat a demon lord. Everyone is safely transported to the other world except for Kurusu who has seemed to have been teleported to the wrong destination and finds himself alone. Will he be able to survive, even though he's only level 1?
Vague Speech Great God, I’ll Support You
What are Attack and Defense? Who cares!Accuracy and Agility are fleeting! Hurry up and fly away!Ning Xin, she is the most idiotic of the idiotic rabbits, the most natural of the pure naturals. The first time she touched an online game, she skillfully created the rage-inducing “highest quality” character cursed by the heavens.At a loss at how to level up, unable to even kill monsters, well, at least we can still dig.System Notification: Mo Shang is examining your equipment.[Just Now] Mo Shang
DarthYunshe Star Wars: 30 Years Later The Real Story
50 years have passed since the The First Order was defeated and banished from the galaxy. However, in these times, voices and whispers try to undermine the achievements and contributions that the New Jedi Order has obtained in the last years. Once the protector of the galaxy, now the Jedi face the mistrust and even hatred of the ones they swore to protect. This is due to a false story that has been...